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Diamond Mesh

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1.8 x 2.2m

Construction sites

Diamond mesh 2.2m
2.2 metres long 1.8 metres high
- 50mm x 50mm diamond mesh
- steel pipe frame
- diamond mesh
- welded clip

Fahey Fence Hire also enables you to buy a unique portable fencing system. The panels are made from steel tube for the frame.  The infill area is hurricane mesh, nettin, chain link wire, welded mesh and anti climb mesh.

These creative and innovative designs complies with the health and safety standards set by the Department of Labour (formally known as OSH). The design has enabled us to create a cheap enough panel that is cost effective to hire. There is no post, only the steel or plastic foot that creates a secure area that keeps the fence upright. This can be braced with a variety of accessories.

Our fencing is used by large construction firms, small builders, home owners, dog owner, horse owners, child care operators, event organisers, pool owners and security firms.

These panels are light weight and smart, needing only one man to install them. Neither fence hire nor safety fencing will ever be the same again.





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